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May 19, 2012· Well I wanted to get my guinea pigs a vitamin C supplement, and the only ones I could find are 500MG and contain both ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate. Is this okay to give to my guinea pig, note I know guinea pigs are only suppose to get between 10mg and 30 mg per day. I have no problem crushing up the 500mg tablet and making 5 even lines then splitting those into 4 each.

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Aug 02, 2015· The Cali Cavy herd tries out Oxbow's Natural Science Vitamin C supplements and timothy hay Harvest Stacks. ... Oxbow Harvest Stacks & Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs ... How To Give Vitamin C to Your ...

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What is Vitamin C? Vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble nutrient. Most mammals and birds have an enzyme in their liver called L-gulonolactone oxidase which converts glucose into Vitamin C. Humans, guinea pigs, the Indian fruit bat, and a handful of other species are the only mammals who cannot make their own vitamin C because they lack this enzyme.

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Guinea Pig Vitamin C Requirements | The Guinea Pig , rushed up cvitamin c lets for guinea pigs ,Like Humans, guinea pigs are not able to produce Vitamin C on their own, and so they must be given a Vitamin C supplement each day While your guinea pig can get much of its daily Vitamin C requirement through a diet of high quality hay and pellets ...

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Not all guinea pigs will willingly accept the vitamin c tablets. One option is that you can crush the tablet into a fine powder and add it to her drinking water. Some other options are adding guinea pig vitamin c drops to her water.

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Fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C for humans and guinea pigs alike. While the vitamin C is high, however, so is the sugar. Fruits should be a frequent treat in small amounts, but too much can lead to problems, such as obesity, too much acid or high blood sugar levels.

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Like people, guinea pigs lack the physical ability to manufacture their own vitamin C, and require an outside source of vitamin C in the form of vegetables and fruits. If a guinea pig does not get enough of this vitamin in its diet, its body's supply of vitamin C will disappear quickly, leaving it ...

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Sep 25, 2006· hello you should supplement your guinea pigs vitamin c even if te pellets say they are nutritionally balanced.You can use a pediatric suspension of vitamin C (just from the pharmacy or supermarket) mixed with water.

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Posted by Cindy on 14th Nov 2016 . One of my guinea pigs needs supplemental Vitamin C and he hasn't like any Vitamin C product until now. He LOVES these tablets! Beside my own personal guinea pigs, I also try with my foster guinea pigs.

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Natural Science Vitamin C supplement is a hay-based, high-fiber supplement containing the essential stabilized vitamin C that guinea pigs need, and other animals benefit from during times of stress, illness or recovery.

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Vitamin C tablets from the chemist at one 1000mg tablet to 8 litres of water (one tablet to 5 litres for pregnant, lactating or juvenile guinea pigs) will be satisfactory. Glass, pottery or stainless steel water containers must be used, as contact with other metals destroys the vitamin C.

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Like Humans, guinea pigs are not able to produce Vitamin C on their own, and so they must be given a Vitamin C supplement each day. While your guinea pig can get much of its daily Vitamin C requirement through a diet of high quality hay and pellets, the exact amount of dietary Vitamin C that your guinea pig will absorb cannot be known.

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Well, hay allows your guinea pig the opportunity to follow his natural instinct and to get some of his daily Vitamin C intake at the same time. Add some Vita Essentials to his hay. And, after a successful round of foraging, offer him some dried strawberry from Small Pet Select.

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The guinea pig tablets are 50 mg, but since vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, small excesses over that daily requirement are easily excreted. Many guinea pigs will take the tablets like a treat and eat them, or they can be crushed and sprinkled on vegetables or pellets.

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Vitamin tablets are an easy and efficient way to make sure your guinea pig consumes their recommended daily amount of vitamin C. These tablets should also be available at your local pet store. You can either grind tablets up and sprinkle them over the guinea pig’s food, or poke them right into the pig…

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Vitamin C For Guinea Pigs (Required) | Burmilla Pet Health Zone. Welcome to Burmilla Pet Health Zone. Here we provide a variety of information about pets ranging from how to care, the disease to pet food. The hope, of course, hopefully this information can provide knowledge and guidance for pet owners to love them more.

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Sep 01, 2007· Could someone send me the link as to where they get the vitamin c tablets that are ok for guinea pigs. This way I don't feed any vitamin c products to my guinea pigs that they may not eat or aren't good for them.

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The best way to ensure that your guinea pig is receiving enough vitamin C is to give it a 50mg tablet twice daily. Oxbow vitamin C tablets are formulated especially for guinea pigs, or you can obtain sugar-free children’s chewable tablets from your local drug store.

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Sep 03, 2011· Best Answer: If you feed your guinea pig unlimited pellets that have 18% protein and a high amount of Vitamin C with no nuts, seeds or other colored stuff in them and 1/2 to 1 cup of dark green leafy veggies daily such as kale, romaine lettuce, …

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A guinea pig who is currently deficient in vitamin C can receive up to 50 mg/kg/day. It is wise to routinely provide extra vitamin C to an ill guinea pig . Excess vitamin C is excreted through the urine and not absorbed by the body.

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4. Vitamin C. Unlike other rodents, cavies cannot produce their own vitamin C and have to be given it through their diet or with a supplement. My vet recommends giving guinea pigs a supplement to ensure they are getting enough vitamin C.

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The amount of vitamin C required by adult guinea pigs is about 20-25 mg/day and up to 30-40 mg/day for pregnant guinea pigs. Guinea pig pellets are fortified with vitamin C.

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Last but not least, there remains the question of Ascorbic Acid, aka Vitamin C. Guinea pigs have a mutated gene that prevents them from converting glucose to ascorbic acid. Basically, like humans, guinea pigs can’t synthesize their own Vitamin C.