excess sludge gravity thickener with revolving bridge scraper

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The scraper arms Each scraper arm is furnished with a are engineered to complement the drive number of scraper blades that are and anticipated sludge loads. A center torque tube bolted to the drive. allowing the basin floor to be scraped at least twice SUPPORT BRIDGE The support bridge provides access to wide walkway.S.

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Gravity sludge thickener PACIFIC is used for the solid concentration of decanted solids and clarification of liquids. It primarily consists in a tank (generally concrete) of circular plant with troco-conical bottom sloping into this tank.


The bridge supporting the scrapers is usually fixed with a central traction. The thickened sludge is collected at the thickener bottom and is pumped to digesters or dehydration equipment, depending on the sludge line configuration.

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Lackeby Gravity thickener scraper (former ConThick) is a centredriven thickener designed for installation in a sludge or fibre thickener. Benefits of Lackeby Gravity thickener scraper. Competitive investment cost Good references and operating experiences Reliable Low operating costs.

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Find out all of the information about the COSME S.R.L product: gravity thickener / for sludge treatment ISP series. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.

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Wide Range of Clarifiers & Thickeners Gravity Thickener Central Drive - Full / Half Bridge Type Without Rake Lifting Device With Manual / Semi - automatic / Automatic Rake Lifting Device ... Travelling Bridge Sludge Scraper Advantages Effective Removal of Sludge towards influent end of the tank

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Rotating sludge scraper and gravity thickeners ... located on a stationary bridge; the gear is connected directly to the centre shaft. The centre shaft’s lower part is equipped ... Rotating sludge scrapers and gravity thickeners Info Motors and gears are …

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(Gravity Thickener). PFT’s for circular tanks are predominantly centrally driven. Design takes into account process, tank ... bridge supported by a steady bearing at the bottom, keeping the scraper gate aligned. The picket fence stirs the sludge during settlement and increases the

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Gravity thickeners are normally sized to handle the maximum seasonal or monthly sludge yield anticipated. Peak daily sludge production often requires storage in the thickener or other sludge …

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The Gravity Belt Thickener is used to thicken sludge prior to centrifuge or digestion processes. A mix of primary or secondary sludge can easily be thickened to +7% wt, pure secondary to over 5%.

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Efficiency of raking in gravity thickeners. ... This article presents an overview of sludge scraper designs. ... tanks are commonly fitted with travelling bridge scrapers and their performance is ...

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Gravity thickeners is essentially a type of clarifier and relies on the density of solids to settle and thicken the sludge. They consist of a circular tank with a sludge collection system at the bottom.

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wastewater treatment plants as well as thermal processes. We design, supply and operate your plant. ... Double bridge blade scraper Span 9.50 m 4 Grit pumps 4 Grease pumps 2 Grit classifiers ... sludge dewatering mechanical thickener excess sludge return sludge filtrate filtrate poly-electrolyte raw effluent coarse screen


Apr 07, 2008· Sludge Thickening: Gravity thickening is accomplished in circular sedimentation basins similar to those used for primary and secondary clarification of liquid wastes The sludge thickener shall be used to store and gravity thicken sludges from the waste treatment processes.

excess sludge gravity thickener with revolving bridge scraper

Gravity thickener - SlideShare. GRAVITY THICKENER (SEDIMENTATION , of a circular tank equipped with a slowly revolving sludge , Structure Bridge supported thickeners are common in .

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gravy thickener products_ Food Thickening Agents for Baking excess sludge gravity thickener with revolving bridge scraper eureka 01 gravity thickener. More Details. converting a static thickener to a hydraulic thickener. Superior sludge thickening simple, reliable hydraulic systems providing trouble The Gravity Belt Thickener is used to thicken ...

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Bridge supported clarifiers and thickeners are offered in sizes ranging from 5’ to 80’ in diameter. Primary, secondary, and final clarification are ... Pier supported scraper clarifiers and thickeners are designed for all applications involving ... Every pipe discharges into the rotating central return sludge well, then by gravity


Gravity thickening of sludge is defined as a process by which particles, or aggregates of particles of dilute sludge, due to their greater specific gravity, settle through water

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The dewatering of sludge, which consists of 99% water, is carried out by installing a sludge thickener. The sludge is stored for a few days in round basins in which a slowly revolving paddle induces the sludge to solidify, due to the influence of gravity, which produces 2 to 4% of solid matter.

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gravity, sludge thinkeners Air in a pressure tank dissolves in the overflow, which mixes with incoming sludge to float solids by bubble attachment dissolved air flotation, sludge thickeners

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Bridge Thickener for Sale Gravity Concentrato Savona Equipment. ... removal. Usually, mechanically driven sludge scrapers plow or rake the sludge Hinged skimmer. Influent pipe. ... Advantages; with a slowly revolving rake that scrapes and moves the thickened slurry to the center of certain processes or call for more clarifier ...

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epa 625/1-74-006 process design manual for sludge treatment and disposal u.s. environmental protection agency technology transfer october 1974 ... list of taeles-continued table page 4-4 gravity thickening data for excess oxygen activated sludge 4-12 4-5 operating data for plant scale daf units 4 - 22 4-6 daf thickening costs for various plant ...

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WasteWater treatment Plant at nablus For enquiries and other concerns, please send an email to [email protected] ... gravity thickening process. Mechanical Sludge Thickening ... excess sludge (ES) as well as the downstream sludge treatment processes, especially the needed treatment volume of the digester.


tank and excess sludge generated in the secondary settling tank. Sludge thickening may be ... efficiencies can be obtained by providing slow revolving stirrers, particularly with gassy sludge. ... • Install kick plates on the gravity thickener bridge to prevent objects from falling into the tank.