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mixing iron and sulfur. mixing salt, sand, and water. burning magnesium. heating sucrose. mixing sodium hydrogen carbonate and hydrochloric acid . 2. How can you decide whether an observed property of matter is physical or chemical? ... Experiment: Physical and Chemical Change ...

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Sulfur is a vulcanizing agent for rubber. Effects of sulfur in rubber processing are rubber can be formed to precise shapes and dimensions, good durability and lack of stickiness.

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Answer whether it is a physical or chemical change. STUDY. PLAY. Sugar Dissolves in warm water. Physical Change. A nail rusts. Chemical Change. Glass breaks. Physical Change. Paper burns. Chemical Change. Iron and sulfur mix and form a partially magnetic black and yellow MIXTURE. Physical Change. Iron and sulfur are heated and form a non ...

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The correct answer would be the second option. It is mixing and separation that is happening in the sentence described. He mixed two different substances which has different physical properties.

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actually it turns into a wax like substance, but my ratios were 30% HCl and unknown H2SO4, 75-90% strength. just mix them and do it outside to see, ive done it before watch for heat and splashing.

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Dec 21, 2011· Sulfur and copper are both elements. Copper doesn't react with sulfur at room temperature, and neither reacts with alcohol or ammonia at room temperature. So the answer to your question is "at room temperature, pretty much, nothing will happen."

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Sulfur is a multivalent non-metal. It is found in nature in pure form, as well as in form of sulfide or sulfate minerals. Iron powder reacts with sulfur powder, but if you just mix them resulting mixture can still be separated, either with a magnet using metal properties of iron, or using carbon disulfide as a solvent for sulfur.

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If sulfur and oxygen react, the product is usually either SO 2 or SO 3 , depending on reaction conditions. If these two elements simply mix, as the question literally states, … there is not necessarily any chemical product, but a mixture results.

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Iron and sulfur reaction Demonstration and class practical This demonstration or class experiment shows the exothermic reaction of two elements , iron and sulfur , to form the compound , iron sulfide.

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By the way, for those who want to know if taking organic sulfur when one is allergic to sulfa drugs is safe, the answer is YES! Both contain sulfur but one is a nutrient in bioavailable, natural from and the other is an antibiotic drug.

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Can You Mix Sulfur And Water Together To Spray Your Yard And Kill Fleas ? ... The longer answer is: Never mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar together... Answer Question. Answer. 1 Answers; 562 Views; 0 Followers; 0 Favorites; Related Reading. Can You Mix Sulfur …

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Sulfur dioxide is a fairly stable oxide of sulfur, and oxygen is slow to react at low temperatures. But, if a mixture of the two gases is heated in the presence of a catalyst like vanadium pentoxide, sulfur dioxide will be oxidized to sulfur trioxide.

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The iron and sulfur are present in the reaction mixture in roughly equimolar quantities. 1 Shakashiri states that this reaction should not be used to demonstrate the difference between physical and chemical change, but I disagree. Though the color of the product is not very different from the reaction mixture, the change in physical properties ...

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Not all the sulfur and iron have been combined to form iron sulfide and hence some of the properties of iron / sulfur still remain. if all the sulfur and iron had been combined to form iron sulfide, the properties of the residue would be the properties of iron sulfide, which is an entirely different compound and possess different properties as iron or sulfide.

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Aug 17, 2008· Reaction of iron with sulfur is initiated by heat and iron sulfide is formed.

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Sep 16, 2006· You can mix sugar and sand together and then separate again by dissolving out the sugar in water. You can mix iron powder and sulfur together, and separate it out again by using a magnet. But if you heat the mixture, the sulfur and iron combine (rapidly -watch out!) to form a compound, Iron sulfide.

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mixing with the soil. To be effective, elemental sulfur should be worked into the soil well in advance of the time the crop needs it. Without mechanical incorporation, elemental sulfur is incorporated to some extent by falling ... Estimates of available sulfur from manure as affected by

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Jul 29, 2016· How to Make Gunpowder. In this Article: Article Summary Collecting the Ingredients Mixing the Ingredients Community Q&A Gunpowder, also called black powder, is a simple mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. The trickiest part of making black …

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They mix together to form a mixture which can be easily separated using a magnet to pull the iron out of the Sulphur. However if the two are heated strongly th … en iron sulphide will form. Once this chemical reaction has occurred they are almost inseparably under normal conditions. .

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What would happen when you mix liquid $\ce{NH3}$ and excess of sulphur? The answer key states that a solid with $\ce{N}$ and $\ce{S}$, and a gas which …

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The answer is A. sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. When these chemicals mix with water, they create acidic solutions, either sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, or nitric acid.

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When sulfur burns in air, it generally forms sulfur dioxide or sulfur trioxide, the latter of which lacks any smell [amended from the podcast audio file, which states that sulfur dioxide does not smell].

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Sep 10, 2008· Best Answer: It's just physical, unless you heat the mixture. The simple combination of iron and sulfur is a physical mixture: It can be separated with a magnet, and the iron and sulfur are still themselves. The situation changes if you heat the mixture hot enough to start a reaction between the sulfur …

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Another reason to mix sulfur with other fungicides when you can is that you might not have the option to use sulfur when you "planned" to use it if you followed a plan to alternate materials over time.